Words and images are the foundation of civilization.

Patience, slow and progressive enrichment are the basis for building ideas and projects that improve
the qualities of mankind. For this reason, the world of books combined with the world of art is the scenario in which our reality is born:

ARTinGENIO pursues the dream of weaving a dialogue between the wisdom of the medieval world and the present world: a passage through traditions, towards a future rich in beauty and full of Being.

FORTITUDE 1780 is the investment fund that allowed ARTinGENIO that "second navigation" with full sail towards the world, to spread that sensitivity, that delicacy that originates in the depths to find expression in human art.

From the Middle Ages to the Contemporaries

The "Middle Ages" is an era of lights and shadows that represent the characters of humanity with a clarity absolutely in step with the contemporary world, as we can see in one of the greatest poems in history: Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
The Middle Ages are bright, rich in color, full of symbols and fantasies that tell the architecture of the human. Dante Alighieri's work is one of the highest expressions of this.

Thanks to medieval and humanistic manuscripts, civilization has been able to pass on knowledge and taste.

Thanks to the lymph of tradition gartists of all ages have absorbed that humus that has allowed their works to cross the centuries and to aspire to eternity, up to the great contemporary masters, even in their contrast to classicism with the conceptual forms of the present.


From word to art, from art to word,
to the concept, in a virtuous circle of emotion.


A series of editorial series were born with a common thread between the depths of the soul and tradition, with particular attention to art.


e carefully select artists whose indisputable talent can be found in the criticism and public presence of the works, whether they are squares, museums, churches, monumental buildings.


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