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Giancarlo Frisoni

Giancarlo Frisoni was born in Valliano, a small town in the Rimini hinterland on 19 June 1958. Although he had understood since childhood that art would be an integral part of his life, it is only from the early 1980s that he begins to make his work known and obtain the first consents and recognitions from the public and critics, participating in numerous national competitions of fiction, painting and poetry.

The photographic activity makes him a witness and lover of the peasant civilization from which he comes. The extensive documentation enriches the numerous published volumes, furnishes the Ethnographic Museum of Valliano with blow-ups. In 2012 "Faces of women, time and spirit of the peasant world" becomes a traveling exhibition at the request of national museums. Then he publishes the photographic book "Only who has been knows who he is" published by Aiep, and in 2014 he proposes the "Wonderful" exhibition sponsored by the Secretariat for Culture at the Filippi house, University and Studies of M. Giardino. In 2015 he represented the Republic of San Marino with the exhibition "Food in the hands" in the Expo events, on the theme of ancient nutrition. The photographer Livio Senigalliesi wrote of him "The wise use of his black and white excites and preserves all the strength of his land. According to the dictates of the best photography, it has the ability to grasp the expressions and voices of the soul! "

In the literary field, he begins a partnership with his professor of letters. From 1983 to 2009 they published 20 volumes that collect in depth and complete every characteristic of the peasant world. It stands out for the Narrativa Titano award, ranking 2nd. In 2010 he published the novel "The doll of lost time" published by Aiep, winning the prize of merit in the international literary competition Citta di Cattolica. And in 2013 he published the novel "Stories of Avagliano" published by Albatros Roma Group.

In the pictorial sphere, after having smeared walls and sheets of portraits since he was a child, he began a constant and continuous research that led him to try his hand at a rich and unusual material, shaped by natural colors and pigments. Now his is a rich and safe painting, praised by audiences and renowned critics. " Nothing to say. There is certainly quality in his work ... .. "(Marco Goldin)" His material meditation has interested me very much ... " (Umberto Eco) "I am not an expert in painting but I have received emotions, and I believe that whoever is able to transfer emotions brings with him a great gift, and is worthy of being called an artist" (A visitor). His work, well integrated in solid structures, shows the ability to compose and distribute, the mastery of the sign, the control to change raw and scratchy shades in soft and delicate paths that give emotions. After the first personal and collective 80s-90s in Riccione, Rimini and San Marino, he exhibited in the rooms of the Castle of Borgo Maggiore with the exhibition "Emotions beyond the wall", sponsored by the Department of Culture. In Rimini, in the Image Gallery with the "Mother Earth" exhibition sponsored by the Municipal Museums. In the Pinacoteca San Francesco with the exhibition "Signs of memory" always sponsored by the Department of Culture.

In 2015 he was part of the artists who represented the Republic of San Marino in the "Friendship project" project at the 56th international art exhibition in Venice. Also in San Marino at Palazzo Graziani, he presented the exhibition "The poet of the earth", also included in the Expo events.

Finally, he also represented the ancient Republic at the 57th international art exhibition in Venice.

“His painting - writes Vincenzo Sanfo the curator - and poetry and reflection, a painting with a twilight character, Montale style, hard, labored, but candidly and poetically polished, like" cuttlefish bones ". His new works tell the life and sphere of his emotions. A sort of travel, where every interlocutor will find sensations experienced or still to be lived.

In 2018, with the ARTinGENIO EDITIONS, he published the book of art photos and poems "Memoirs. Faces and voices of my people ".

Over the years, Frisoni has been looking for his own individuality and artistic maturity, finding a dimension in the constant research of the material that manages to skim and strip, enriching it with pigments and colors of the most different and unusual.

Now his is a rich and safe painting, well inserted in solid structures, it shows the ability to compose and distribute, the mastery of the gesture and the control of raw and scratchy tones, but soft and sweet that give emotions.

Important painting exhibition entitled "The poet of the earth"

In 2017 he exhibited his works at the 56th Venice International Art Biennale.

In 2018 the exhibition in the splendid setting of Palazzo Fantuzzi in Bologna (Galleria Farini), in which the text “Natura aorgica. Giancarlo Frisoni "edited by ARTinGENIO EDITIONS

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