Daniela Barellini


Officine Garibaldi - Officine Garibaldi - From 4 to 18 September 2020

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Venerdì 4 Settembre 2020 ore 18

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Friday 4 September 2020, in the Pisan setting of the Officine Garibaldi, between the ancient walls and a beautiful contemporary architecture, begins the exhibition GOLDEN METAMORFOSI, works by Daniela Barellini with 46 works of her production.

On display works on gold leaf and mixed media, rich in those warm colors that make you perceive a Sienese soul.
A triumph of light that expresses the power of the transformation of suffering, through the purity of gold.

Central to Daniela Barellini is the figure of the woman, the Madonna who protects, who gives meaning to the events of the world and embodies beauty. A figure rich in color, the color of the districts of the Sienese Palio that expresses celebration, but also struggle, suffering. Suffering enhanced by the presence of gold, which "shines with mild splendor", to use an expression dear to Nietzsche.

Contemplating the artist's works, one has the feeling that the works follow their own logic, as if we were in the presence of an order that accompanies the spontaneity of those who feel the work spring from the genius of the heart to the concreteness of their hands.

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