Presentation of the Association “Last Supper of the Philosophers”

Presentation of the Association
"Last Supper of the Philosophers"


Palace Hotel Boscolo - 2008

In Rome, in 2008, with the support of Edizioni Cantagalli, the Cenacolo dei Filosofi Association was inaugurated at the Palace Hotel Boscolo in via Veneto, chaired by Francesco Corsi, now the editor of ARTinGENIO EDIZIONI. The association aims to stimulate dialogic thinking and innovation, giving life to Philosophical Dinners, training, editorial and entrepreneurial projects.

The "Cenacolo dei Filosofi" series was inaugurated, kindly granted by the publisher David Cantagalli, presenting the first volume "The suicide of modernity" by Raffaele Iannuzzi, together with the journalist Andrea Pamparana.

In the context of the analysis of modernity, the Hon Eugenia Roccella intervened, presenting the book published by Cantagalli "Eugenetica and other ailments" by Chesterton.

A convivial dinner between authors, entrepreneurs and journalists followed.

Among the distinguished guests, the Editor David Cantagalli, Prof. Giuseppe Benelli, university professor of Philosophy, Mirco Manuguerra President of the Lunigianese Studies Danteschi Center, Prof. Alessandro Bertirotti, university professor of anthropology, the Grand Office. Emilia Sarogni, former director of the Senate, the Hon. Souad Sbai, the Hon. Alessandro Pagano. Among the company men, Francesco Di Marino, former President of the ENI Group company, Michela Boscolo, President of the Boscolo Hotels Group.

Present the Sponsors of the Association, in the people of Luca Binetti, CEO of Multitime, Giuliano Favini then CEO of LOGOTEL, a leading company in training, Mario Corsi, then CEO of MCE Engineering, Vittorio Gelso President of Cerseo Training Agency.