The apple of sin. Works of art from around the world

"The apple of sin.
Works of art from around the world"
by Francesco Corsi, Roberta Frabetti


“I love knowledge and that's why I tried to bite the apple while studying philosophy”: “be hungry, be crazy”, Steve Jobs told the students; hungry for knowledge to share. With this essay we have selected works by contemporary artists who wanted to bite this apple. Man is born from the earth and returns to the earth; the tree with its fruits is the most ancient symbol. Contemporary man crosses the wall of time, beyond time, in every direction, and in this he manifests his own metaphysical being. In the act of understanding, man is always like a sort of "grabbing hand", to then consume what he has attracted to himself, to the point of abandoning his consumed knowledge to the world of waste, to decay.
The world rots and then is reborn: it is the metaphor of life.
Someone sees the aboriginal sin in the amniotic fluid that fertilizes the cosmos and opens cycles of orderly disorder. Someone else sees man as an eternal crooked wood that pursues a love that never reaches full. "I would like to be what I was" when the face breathed peace and harmony before sin. The works of art are forgotten and then come back like the Riace Bronzes.
The artist creates new gardens, as if he were a tightrope walker, in the precarious balance of freedom


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