Biography Francesco Mori


Francesco Mori

"The art that triumphed in the last century arises from a perspective in which, in order to reach the 'spiritual', the apparent form must be removed in favor of the representation of pure abstract acronyms. I believe that this anti-incarnation of art clashes with Catholic spirituality, of which I am a son and in which I recognize myself.
Christ not only took on a flesh - therefore also a sensitive form - over time, but kept it transfigured in eternity, thus confirming that reality, and in particular the human body, are co-essential to the Divine. This is the lesson of the great Italian art from Giotto to Tiepolo, this is my DNA"

With these words Francesco Mori, born in Grosseto in 1975, presents himself and his work.

Under the guidance of Luciano Bellosi, the young artist perfected his university education in the context of medieval Central Italian painting and completes it by supporting his practice in the workshop with various masters and especially developing a particular interested in the lesson of Pietro Annigoni.

His passion for medieval art takes shape not only in his curriculum, but also in his professional interests - he holds medieval miniature and drawing courses at the museum complex of the Santa Maria della Scala in Siena - as well as in his artistic activity, as demonstrate the important orders from the Opera of the Sienese subway and the Cathedral of Noto where a series of his bright windows are already located.