September 22th 2020


Officine Garibaldi -  September 22th 2020

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Le immagini dell'inaugurazione e delle Performance di Noemi Gherrero e Alfonso Mangone

Tuesday 22 September at 6.30 pm at the Officine Garibaldi in Pisa, an appointment that is impossible to miss: the exceptional guests will be the actress Noemi Gherrero, Prof. Liliana Dell'Osso director of the psychiatric clinic of the University of Pisa, a frequent guest at Porta a Porta, Patrizia Gucci, Stefano Rusca, director of the Fortitude 1780 Fund which finances the project and numerous international artists.

You will experience an atmosphere of emotion between theatrical performances, painting and art paths.

Gherrero will perform in a theatrical performance, interpreting the art photographs that will be on display. Together with the actress, who in the magazine For Men has been defined "the new Italian Sharon Stone", the book will be presented: "BREAKDOWN AND ESCAPES OF THE SOUL. ARTE PANDEMICA ”published by ARTinGENIO.

The event will open with a conference by Prof. Liliana Dell’Osso who will present the book "Contagions" on the theme of cultural contamination, citing Munch who has been the interpreter of the universal anguish of man.

The photographic exhibition by Noemi Gherrero (photographs by Mjriam Cognigni and Teresa Fini, post-produced by the famous photographer Luciano Ferrara) will be inaugurated, together with works of art, conceptual art, paintings, sculptures, which will remain on display until 6 October.

Present the famous artists who will give body to the theme with their works. Among them the well-known Patrizia Gucci, a "real" Gucci, direct grandson of the founder of the empire, Guccio Gucci, Francesco Mori, the stained glass artist of the Baptistery in Piazza dei Miracoli, Piero Colombani, protagonist of the "New Gothic", Carmen Bertacchi, conceptual artist, Alfonso Mangone who will perform in a painting performance, Sabina Feroci with her internationally known sculptures.
Also present are the works of the master Materano Mimmo Centonze, winner of the Rome Foundation Award, awarded by Philippe Daverio, with his thematic Capannoni on which Oliviero Toscani, Marco Vallora, Guido Barlozzetti and the great Vittorio Sgarbi have written.

Our idea was joined by international level artists who made their precious works available to invite sensitive souls to immerse themselves in a profound message of art.

To unite those who feel that the human depths are unfathomable, changeable, deconstructible, decomposable, yet always one, like light and silent like darkness.

"Feeling" the work: at the end of time, in silence

Francesco Corsi

ARTinGENIO Fortitude 1780 organization

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The artists present at the Performance

Patrizia Gucci
Francesco Mori
Piero Colombani
Carmen Bertacchi
Alfonso Mangone
Sabina Feroci

Venerdì 4 Settembre 2020 ore 18

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