Luminescenze pisane – Alfonso Mangone

Alfonso Mangone
"Luminescenze pisane"


Officine Garibaldi - 2019


In June-September 2019 in the ultra-modern setting of the Officine Garibaldi in Pisa, Spazio EventArt, a great success for the exhibition that we organized on works dedicated to Pisa by the artist Alfonso Mangone.

A fluorescent exhibition with a strong impact and communicative power by the international artist Alfonso Mangone, introduced by the critic Luciano Carini, former curator in Pad. Guatemala 56 Biennale Venezia and by Francesco Corsi, Publisher and former professor of Metaphysical Philosophy at STI Lucca.

Painter of great expressionistic strength, he does not disdain the comparison with the classics. His work, projected into the future, always dialogues with the great masters of tradition, to whom the painter bows with deference.

He defines himself as a "city traverse" and in The Hague in front of the "Panorama Mesdag" he transforms the building of the old Ministry of Defense into his own atelier, installing canvases of up to ten meters.

Mangone dominates the space, in full contemporaneity. It is fast, it wastes no time. He lives the harmonies of classical forms to subject them to the scrutiny of contemporary expression, sometimes pop, sometimes psychedelic.

Alfonso paints "tributes" to the great, making them reborn with his expressionist strength. He captures the fragments of the cities, photographs and interprets, immerses himself and detaches himself. He does not get too attached to what he creates, because he is Heraclitean: “you don't get wet twice in the same river”. This is why he experiments, travels, observes taken from the vortex of the world, in which, however, a constant remains: the love for life, for friends and for his art, which no one can ever steal from him.


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