MINIATED MANUSCRIPTS from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

MINIATED MANUSCRIPTS from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance


Farini Gallery at Palazzo Fantuzzi - 2018

In 2018 we brought, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Fantuzzi, perfect reproductions, now rare in collecting, of a series of masterpieces whose originals are hidden in the most important libraries.

There is almost no way to see them except for a few scholars.

This is the meaning of reproduction which is not always understood in its historical and artistic value. To revive masterpieces in contact with the hands of the public. Leaf through, albeit with delicacy, pages otherwise inaccessible and which contain a fundamental cross-section of the centuries that lie at the roots of modernity.

Bringing an exhibition of collector's items to a contemporary art gallery is an innovative operation that makes us understand how the Middle Ages are a "contemporary" phenomenon and not to be considered buried and outdated. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance there are masters alive even today that we live in technology.

And on the notes of Gregorian chants sung by the opera singer Martha Rook and the musician Laura Manescalchi, the imagination soars towards a world of colors and harmonic beauty.