Press conference “Being Alfa Romeo”

Press conference "Being Alfa Romeo"

Zandvoort (Olanda)

Circuit Park Zandvoort - 2016

In 2016 ARTinGENIO, in Zandvoort presented the book “Being Alfa Romeo. Voices of Alfa tell "for the" Brands of the Italian genius "series, kindly invited in the context of the world event" Sporting Entertainment ".

Speakers Francesco Corsi, author, Marco Fazio, director of World Wide Heritage FCA Group, the eternal Giuseppe Casiraghi, former Alfa Romeo testing head, Elvira Ruocco former director of the Alfa Romeo Historical Archive, Zbignew Maurer, Alfa Romeo designer, Sebastiano Caprì former test driver.

From the point of view of ARTinGENIO for which theory must always be combined with practice, the author of the book has ventured into laps of the track with a real Alfa Romeo 75.